Body Butters

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Whipped Body Butter is a Lavish treat for your skin. All you need to hydrate and spoil your skin is a small amount.



It’s that time of year to whip out the butters. Protect your skin from this dry weather. Lay out the blanket of protection on your skin with bodybutters.

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2oz Vanilla Cream, 2oz Cherry Blossom, 2oz Island Fruit, 2oz Orange Ginger, 2oz Lavender, 2oz Cocoa Butter, 4oz Vanilla Cream, 4oz Cherry Blossom, 4oz Island Fruit, 4oz Orange Ginger, 4oz Lavender, 4oz Cocoa Butter, 8oz Vanilla Cream, 8oz Cherry Blossom, 8oz Island Fruit, 8oz Orange Ginger, 8oz Lavender, 8oz Cocoa Butter

0 out of 5


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