Lavishing Teas(Black)

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Come try our loose-leaf black teas with a broad variety including Wild Coconut, Ginger Peach, Victorian Rose, and other gourmet teas.

Black tea is great if you’re looking for a low-calorie, non-sweetened beverage with some caffeine but less than coffee or energy drinks. This tea type has a strong, unique flavor and contains many antioxidants, which can provide several health benefits including: improved cholesterol, better gut health and decreased blood pressure.

  • Due to safety precautions and the fragility of the bottles displayed, all teas will be shipped in a fresh seal safety baggage container.
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Small(1.30 oz), Large(2.60 oz)


Strawberry Rose, Lemon Drop, Fruit Medley, Wild Coconut, Ginger Peach, Mango Delight, Passion Fruit, Victorian Rose, Zesty Orange, Apricot, Orchard Peach, Mango Tango

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