Lavishing Teas(Herbal)

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Our herbal teas are made with all natural, organic herbs and each one has a different function and is geared toward different facets of health and wellbeing.

Coco Mint: Our organic Coco Mint tea contains caffeine, has a deep aroma that’s more on the earthy side, and is a lovely combination of mint and cacao. This pairing is an excellent source of compounds that can boost energy, soothe upset stomachs, promote healthy digestion/reduce the risk and symptoms of digestive problems, lower blood pressure, help with headaches, and sharpen focus.

Tea-Tox: This naturally caffeine-free blend cleanses your body and filters out toxins while supplying your body with both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This tea’s main goal is to help restore your body back to its natural state and balance.

Peaceful Blend: This blend of tea has absolutely no caffeine and serves as a sleep aid while releasing properties that can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, relieve discomfort and nausea, protect the mouth, and soothe sore throats.

Energy Booster: Our Energy Booster tea is naturally caffeinated and blended with the refreshing taste of citrus fruits and yerba mate tea. This pairing together has many beneficial enzymes and nutrients that have amazing benefits like: boosting energy, improving mental focus, protecting your heart, playing a role in weight loss, enhancing physical performance, and preventing cancer and other infections.

Tummy Tea: This delectable blend is so invigorating and revitalizing. It comes packed with some beneficial natural attributes like antioxidants that can help freshen breath, aid in digestion, relieve pain, improve memory, deal with allergies, and much more.

Zen-Balance: This calming blend gives you a small retreat from all of your daily stress and troubles. It is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antivirals that aid in calming the mind, fighting bacteria and poisons, treating digestive issues, and soothing tension.

Spa-Renity: This herbal blend is so delicious and perfect for helping you unwind after a busy day. The lavender in this tea is known for its calming effects. It does have a strong flavor as well, but is balanced out by the lemon and the apple.

  • Due to safety precautions and the fragility of the bottles displayed, all teas will be shipped in a fresh seal safety baggage container.
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Coco Mint, Tea-Tox, Peaceful Blend, Energy Booster, Tummy Tea, Zen-Balance, Spa-Renity, Tropical Blue, Green Rooibos Berry, Robust Infusion

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