I’m Alice Wash, the proud owner and founder of Lavishing Teas located in Cedar Hill, Texas.

My story begins over 30 years ago when I first entered the spa industry. There, I had the opportunity to work in exclusive spas that offered various services, including serving unique teas. That is where my interest and eventual passion for tea sparked. Seeing how only standard tea bags were served to clients back then, I made sure that when I opened up my spa business, I would do something different. Blending my passions for tea and spa, I aimed to offer more high-end tea services to my clients that spanned beyond your everyday tea blends. 

There began my research of teas and discovering different herbs to create many flavors with various properties. Eventually, I began to make my own tea blends and served them to my clients during spa treatments. This led my clients to inquire about purchasing my unique blends. Through them sharing their ideas and feedback with me regarding the types of teas that they wanted, my spa began to transform into something more and my need for knowledge grew. I explored various places to learn more about teas from different regions and areas, and through my travels, I grew more informed in understanding the variety of different loose-leaf teas. I learned of their properties, quality, origin, how they’re harvested and made, different ways of blending them,  and much more.
That journey, a long one in the making, has brought me here. Today, I am the proud owner of Lavishing Teas. My teas are of high quality, organic, and made with the utmost care and love. With leaves, species, and herbs sourced from all over the world, you can be sure that every sip, brew, and cup will offer a lavishing taste.