All prices marked with *  * are exclusively for club members.

Swedish Massage

  • $85 / 60min  *$75*
  • $128 / 90min  *$118*

Swedish massage therapy involves mild, moderate or deeper strokes on the back, arms, legs, neck and other body parts to target tissues and muscles for maximal pain relief, stress release and relaxation. A Swedish massage focuses on overall relaxation, circulation, and physical and mental wellness.


$55 / 30 min  *$45*

$110 / 60 min  *$100*

Reflexology is a separate practice that applies pressure to reflex zones on your feet, skin and ears, to relieve tension throughout your entire body. Includes aromatherapy, relaxing fresh herbal mint or lavender foot bath and a warming foot treatment, finished off with a moisturizing body butter.

Back Relief Massage

$65 / 30 min  *$55*

Localized deep tissue massage focused exclusively on the neck, back and shoulders, to provide instant relief.

Clinical Massage

$75 / 35 min  *$65*

Therapy uniquely focuses on the treatment of soft tissue to maintain, develop, augment or rehabilitate the patient’s physical function. This therapy can improve the functioning of joints and muscles, the healing process, metabolism and circulation.

Hot Stone Therapy

$140 / 50 min  *$130*

Heated basalt stones are placed on various areas of the body, to reduce pain and discomfort. This ancient remedy helps to improve circulation and blood flow within the body.

Hot Stone Massage

$140 / 60 min  *$130*

This is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

$130 / 60 min  *$120*

A full-body massage using  salt stones. Containing 84 natural minerals and essential nutrients replenishing and gently exfoliating. Naturally reducing inflammation by balancing positive and negative ions providing an immediate sense of improved well-being.

Hot Oil Massage

$125 / 60 min  *$115*

A full body massage geared towards relaxation with therapeutic benefits.

Sports Massage

$75 / 40 min  *$65*

Sports massage is especially dedicated to sports related body pains.

Aromatherapy Massage

$95 / 60 min  *$85*

This aromatherapy massage involves various essential oils that are right for your condition.

Anti-Aging Massage

$130 / 60 min  *$120*

This massage uses a relaxing Swedish technique combined with plant based anti-aging massage cream.

Bamboo Massage

$150 / 60 min  *$140*

Hot Bamboo or “Bamboo-fusion” massages incorporate varying lengths and diameters of bamboo sticks and stones. With the bamboo sticks as an extension of the hands the therapist can easily palpate, find tension, and dissolve knots and trigger points.

Deep Tissue Massage

From $110 / 50 min  *$100*

Deep Tissue Massages focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. Using deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes, this massage is used to treat a variety of physical ailments.

Stone & Hot Towel Therapeutic Treatment

From $150 / 60 min *$140*

This is the ultimate relaxing experience, combining hot stone and a steaming hot towel muscle release massage with natural extracts to relieve stress and aching muscles. Steaming hot towels applied throughout the treatment will promote the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the essential oils.

Sticks and Stones Massage

$160 / 60 min  *$150*

A therapeutic combination of our Hot Stone and Bamboo Massages. Basalt stones are used to warm and relax the muscles. Then it’s on to detail work with heated bamboo sticks. Muscle tension and knots benefit from this customized, heated massage.

Cupping Massage

  • From $85 / 30 min *75*
  • From $140 / 50 min *130*

Massage Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that’s based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and a poor energy flow through your body. With the use of special cups creating a vacuum or suction effect on underlying muscle tissue. The intended suction can range from light to heavy with many benefits, including increased lymphatic circulation, loosens adhesion, and relieves inflammation.

Spa Packages

Detoxifying Treatment & Massage

$195 / 90 min  *$185*

Enjoy a warm herbal cleansing foot bath followed by a swedish massage, detoxifying back and foot treatment and professional purifying facial mask.

Stress Relief

 $175 / 80 min  *$165*

Cold stone facial tailored towards relieving sinus pressure and headaches, followed by a full body aromatherapy stress relief massage, and warming hand & foot treatment.

Tranquility Massage

 $200/ 90 min  *$190*

Enjoy a sedating hot lavender infused oil and shea butter massage, back polishing treatment, a soothing steaming aromatherapy mist, a hand warming treatment and hot foot and toe stone spa therapy.

Serene Get-Away

 $245/ 100 min  *$235*

Warming opulent foot bath, back mask and exfoliating hand and foot polish removing impurities and dead skin, swedish massage with aromatherapy of your choice, and a blissful-relaxing facial.

Couples Massage Package

$350 / 90 min  *$340*

Let our team of therapists lavish you and that special someone full body massages, aromatherapy, back treatment, facial mask and two complimentary glasses of wine. Couples massages take place in a beautifully decorated room, sure to inspire tranquility and bliss.

Lovers Retreat

$450 / 120 min  *$440*

Get away with this lovers retreat designed for two. Refresh, relax, and feel renewed

  • Full Body massage
  • Blissful Facial
  • Infused aromatherapy
  • Back treatment
  • Back Polish
  • Warming hand treatment
  • Complimentary glass of wine

Platinum Couples Retreat

$550 / 150 min  *$540*

Celebrate with someone truly special in your life.

  • Lavishing Signature Massage : Aromatherapy steam mist treatment, choice of fragrant infused massage oil finished off with a nourishing hydrating body butter.
  • Full body massage
  • Hot stones
  • Heated hand treatment
  • Heated foot treatment
  • Botanical foot bath
  • Lavishing Signature facial.
  • Back mask
  • Back polish
  • Foot scrub

this package also includes a complimentary tea, loose leaf tea, champagne or wine as well as a fruit, cracker, and cheese platter. Complimentary gift soap bars with many scents to choose from.

Massage Add Ons

These prices are discounted when added with qualifying service.

Add on these extras to your Massage

  • Dry & itchy back treatment  $25
  • Detoxing back mask  $25
  • Hydrating back polish  $25
  • Exfoliating foot scrub $15
  • Detoxing foot mask $15
  • Hot Oil Treatment  $10
  • Essential oil  $10

Body Wraps


$130 / 75 min  *$120*

Parafango is our most luxurious celebrity Style Body Wrap treatment. Applied warm and brushed on your body giving the highest form of detoxification. It brings back youthfulness, stimulates new cell production, and also helps with varicose veins. One of our most sedating treatments, Aminofirm, is also used to help tighten, restore, and repair. It replenishes, leaving your skin soft and glowing.

Slim Plaster Body Wrap

Starting at $45 *$35*

Powerful and effective wrap that works directly and intensely on the zone treated during 4 to 8 hours. Made to process while in the comfort of your own home. This will harden and will need to be cut off. Instructions will be given with this wrap.

Chocolate Heaven

$95 / 55 min  *$85*

Increases the sense of well-being, detoxes, boosts circulation, nourishes and hydrates.


Coffee Delight

$95 / 55 min *$85*

Increases endorphins, elevates mood, detoxes, slims, tones, and softens.

Slim Lipo Freeze

*Priced with Consultation

Lipo Freeze Technology is used to eliminate unwanted fat cells, without surgery and little to no down time. The reduction of fat cells in the treated area, provides noticeable and lasting results to help you look your best.

Body Sculpting Lipo Cavitation/RF

*Priced with Consultation

Cavitation is one of the most popular methods to remove fat cells. It is combined with radio frequency transmitting waves to tighten the skin.

Lipo Slim Laser

*Priced with Consultation

Lipo laser ultrasonic machine shapes, contours, slims and removes cellulite. Recommended treatments are 6-10 weeks.


Facial Treatments

Lavishing Facial

$80 / 50 min  *$70*

This treatment begins with skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, and exfoliation of the face and neck areas. A stimulating facial massage helps to work out impurities and increase blood circulation. Facial massage is followed by a mask, ending with a hydrating moisturizer.

Blissful Facial

$160 / 80 min *$150*

This is a custom designed facial targeting your specific skin type and needs. It includes extractions, exfoliating mask & lip treatment, while enjoying a therapeutic hand massage, hand treatment, and hot stone neck and shoulder massage. It will surely bring out a youthful radiant glow.

Detox Facial

$80 / 50 min  *$70*

Improve skin clarity and reduce blemishes detoxify your pores and remove heavy metals and toxins. This facial is designed to help eliminate the underlying causes of breakouts, using a blend of activated charcoal and black mud opening clogged pores for deep cleaning. This facial can be modified for youth, teens, and young adults.

Back Facial

$55 / 25 min  *$45*

This relaxing back facial begins with a deep cleansing of back to remove excess oil and debris followed by an exfoliation using hydro active mineral salts that will polish away Dominus this is also a great stress relieving treatment done with essential oils and a customized back mask that will leave your skin radiant and refreshed.

Brightening Facial

$85 / 55 min  *$75*

A facial design to lighten brighten skin tone with oxygenating and anti-aging treatment improve skin texture Brighton complexion and soften lines to Bistro a radiant glow.

Gentleman’s Facial

$60 / 40 min  *$50*

The Gentleman’s Facial provides a tailored deep cleansing facial designed specifically for skin care needs of men.

*Razor bumps, plucking of ingrown hair, and razor burns can be addressed for an extra fee after consultation.

Rosacea Facial

$85 / 45 min  *$75*

Soothing and strengthening facial for sensitive and delicate skin. The cooling effect of this this treatment will reduce redness and inflammation.

Anti-Aging Facial

$90 / 55 min  *$80*

Renewing facial for mature skin that repairs dull dehydrated skin. This treatment addresses the eye and lip areas for a more natural rejuvenating healthy looking skin.

Microderm Facial

$100 / 45 min  *$90*

This advanced exfoliation helps conditions skin to help reduce fine lines, large pores, dark spots, scarring and acne.

  • For best results several treatments are recommended.

Facial Enhancement Add Ons

Add on these extras to your facial

  • Eye Treatments  $15
  • Lip Treatments  $10
  • Hand Warming Treatments  $20
  • Parafango Hand & Foot treatments $35
  • Foot Warming Treatments  $20
  • Scalp Treatments  $25

Lavish Treatments

Organic Herbal Infusion Body Treatment

$85 / 45 min  *$75*

Starts off with an amazing invigorating, energizing dry brushing that cleanses the lymphatic system, stimulate circulation and tones the muscles. Then we top it off with a warm Shea Butter moisturizer. You may pamper yourself or give it as a gift.

Body Wrap Cocktails

$135 / 70 min  *$125*

A warming, relaxing, full body treatment that detoxes, moisturizes, refreshes, and vitalizes the body made with mother nature’s clay. Choose from lavender, cucumber mint , mandarin, and spearmint & eucalyptus. This is an unforgettable experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         *Add a Facial Cleanse & Mask For $35 More and Complete The Experience